Here are our latest events listings in date order:

Please note we are continually updating with new events so do keep tuning in.

1st-4th Sep: 5D Shift Launch, AVALON/UK
Back at the mystical Chalice Well: Humanity has been living in the density for too long. It's time to breakthrough and breakout - to connect fully with the divine, and to breathe it into every single situation of your life. Then to ride the waves with the Great 5D Shift. We're back at the magical and mystical Chalice Well...
Breakthrough Weekend Intensive

9th-10th Sep: 5D Shift Intensive, HELSINKI
Come activate your evolution!: This 5D Shift Seminar, introduces Openhand's Great 5D Shift Program: a series of incremental courses, an interrelated trilogy of books, and supportive facilitator one-on-one. People are finding it the most essential investment of their lives. Join us for an enthralling weekend of deep consciousness activation... 5D Shift Intensive HELSINKI

13th-16th Oct: 5D Shift Intensive, NOVA SCOTIA/CANADA
Flying High in Halifax: Every moment presents a simple choice: to either give in and identify with the old patterns and old way of being; or else to truly seize the moment, recognise the limiting veils that obscure ultimate freedom, dive right in, embrace the moment fully, then emerge into glorious golden light. That's the incredible opportunity that Breakthrough represents... 5D Shift Intensive

20th-23rd Oct: 5D Shift Intensive, CHICAGO/USA
"Chicago, Chicago"...Where will you be?: Whether you're new to the spiritual path or a seasoned traveler, a house wife bringing up the kids or company boss, it makes no difference, every single moment offers the opportunity to Breakthrough into the stupendous cosmic being that is you. Come join us in the heart of the USA...
5D Shift Intensive

11:11: Great 5D Shift Event, SYDNEY/AUS
"The numbers all stack up...So where will you be?: This is going to be so incredibly special, we've got people tingling up the spine already! It'll be a deeply transcendent, one day event, in the Australian capital Sydney. We're sure to be drawing rainbow souls from across the country - come tune in, work with the vibe, and catalyse your next life-changing leap ...5D Shift Intensive

18th -25th Nov: DIVINICUS Activation, BYRON BAY/OZ
Openhand's legendary level 3: This is the very first time Openhand will be running our 'jewel in the crown' level 3 course in Australia. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with you again and work with you. We feel truly honoured. See you there for a truly life transformational experience...
DIVINICUS Activation (Openhand level 3)

20th - 27th Jan 2018: New Year Retreat, LA PALMA
Stunning Volcanic Island: La Palma is the Hawaii of the Atlantic, with amazing high vibes, stunning landscapes and peaceful seclusion. Our New Year Retreat connects with where you're at, unwinds density, and ignites a fire in your soul to unleash miraculous creativity in your life. Unmissable!

3rd - 10th Feb 2018: Facilitator Foundation Course, LA PALMA

Stunning Volcanic Island: With this event, not only do you get to develop cutting edge spiritual facilitation practices and develop your spiritual business, but it also takes place on the stunning Volcanic Island of La Palma. So get some warming winter sun too! FACILITATOR FOUNDATION COURSE La Palma

5th - 9th Mar 2018: Openhand (level 2) 5GATEWAYS retreat: BYRON BAY/AUS

Serene Earth Sanctuary: Byron Bay of course is such a stunning location on the planet, with incredible high vibe. It's the perfect place for this Openhand flagship course. Attune your spiritual compass and routemap

2nd - 6th Apr 2018: Openhand (level 2) 5GATEWAYS retreat: GLASTONBURY/UK
Healing Waters Sanctuary: Besides being a beautiful location, Glastonbury is a highly activational energy centre. It's the perfect place for this Openhand flagship course. Attune your spiritual compass and routemap
5GATEWAYS Glastonbury